Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Allow A and B Lines to Operate for at Least 90 More Days (DBJ)
  • Driver Kills Person Walking at Alameda and Clinton (DPD)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Person in Wheelchair at Colfax and Franklin (Fox31)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Person Walking at Colfax and Syracuse (DPD)
  • Police Find Pickup Truck That Driver Used to Kill Karina Pulec (DenPo)
  • RTD “Optimistic” That R-Line Will Open This Year (Sentinel)
  • …Which Will Anchor Homes and Pedestrian Improvements (Front Porch)
  • Are Denver Rents Actually Falling? (Denverite)
  • DIA Adds Uber and Lyft Waiting Lot (Fox31)

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  • Sanperson

    Colfax/Franklin is a very dangerous intersection for someone who is not in a car. Every day when cycling Southbound on Franklin, there is a stream of drivers going Northbound on Franklin wanting to turn left onto Colfax Westbound. They never want to wait for me to get through the intersection, so there is a stream of cars driving straight at me and turning left right in front of me. Each car blocks the line of sight of the car behind it and each car is just following the car in front of it. I have had so many close calls there. There are often drivers who look like they are ready to erupt with road rage when they realize they are supposed to yield to a bike going Southbound, and they floor it and pass me within inches. I think I may start crossing the intersection as a pedestrian because it is so stressful to do it on a bike.

    • surly trucker

      So True! Colfax and Speer is also super dangerous with West bound Colfax drivers wanting to turn right (north) on to Speer. It’s a double turn lane, so drivers in the far turn lane can’t actually see people in the crosswalk. I REALLY wish there was a separate light for bikes/peds that was a red/no turn for cars!

      • MT

        Lincoln and Speer/6th is similar. Multiple turn lanes and a wide radius going from Lincoln Northbound to 6th Eastbound. Cars barely slow down at all making that turn. Very hard to cross on foot or bike.

    • iBikeCommute

      The walk signal gives pedestrians about a 10 second head start before the light turns green. There should be a bike signal that does the same for bikes.

      Closing park avenue between franklin and downing would go a long way to make those 5 way intersections safer for everyone.

      • Sanperson

        Yes that 10 second head start and the fact that there are often people on foot at that intersection are why I am going to start walking my bike through that intersection.

        East Colfax . . . should be Denver’s main street and instead it is a low density, unwalkable, pseudo-highway.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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