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Highways Wrecked Cities 60 Years Ago — Has Denver Learned Anything Since?

Here’s a video by Vox that offers a breezy history of highways and how the government rammed them through cities — usually at the expense of disadvantaged neighborhoods that lacked political power. Denver knows how that worked out. Residents of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea have dealt with the pollution, noise, and blight of I-70 since the 1960s. Now Governor John Hickenlooper’s […]

Gabe Klein on What It Will Take to Transform Denver’s Streets

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Here’s part two of Streetsblog Denver’s interview with Gabe Klein, author of Startup City and former DOT chief of Chicago and Washington, DC. Klein is one of the keynote speakers at today’s Live.Ride.Share conference on shared mobility. In part one of the interview, Klein discussed the potential impact of new vehicle technologies on city streets. Here he delves into […]