Today’s Headlines

  • Neighbors Demand Safer Intersection Following 11-Year-Old’s Death-By-Driver (Fox31)
  • Housing Advocates: Affordable Housing Fund Deserves Bond Boost (DenPo)
  • Feds Give RTD Permission to Test G-Line (DBJ)
  • 5th and Lincoln Getting Pedestrian Upgrades (ABC7)
  • Spewing Truck Exhaust at People Will Be Harsher Traffic Offense (Independent)
  • NextCity Covers Denver’s Step Backward on Walkability, Affordability
  • Management System Coming to “Parking-Starved” Cap Hill (Metro Media)
  • More Market Rate Apartments Coming to Alameda Station Area (BusinessDen)
  • “Bright Spots” and “Blight Spots” on 16th Street Mall (Westword)
  • Denver Cruiser Ride Scales Back to Monthly Outings (Westword)

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  • dufflepud

    NextCity link is broken. Looks like the story’s here:

    • David Sachs

      Thanks, it’s fixed now.

  • MT

    From the Fox31 article about the 11 year old, “Neighbors said children often cross Evans Avenue outside of the Quebec crosswalk to get to a nearby gas station convenience store. To prevent that from happening, neighbors say a barrier wall should be built on the median.”

    Really? We should put up a wall to prevent kids from walking places instead of making places safe for kids to walk. Nice.


Today’s Headlines

Denver Post Loves Fiscally Meaningless Bike Tax Idea, Pigeonholes People Who Bike as “Hipsters” …While State Sen. Ray Scott Retreats From the Idea After Backlash (9News) There’s a Huge Urban-Rural Divide Between Colorado’s Front Range Economic Engine and Far-Flung Towns (DenPo) Apparently Sentient Car Crashes Through Green Valley Ranch House (9News) Denver Wants to House […]