Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Seriously Injures Person Walking at Colfax and Colorado (9News)
  • 9News Covers Poll That Found Denverites Would Pay Tax for Better Bike Lane Network
  • Turns Out Parks and Rec Can’t Ban People From Parks Because It’s Unconstitutional (DenPo)
  • City Doesn’t Want Rafael Espinoza to Join Lawsuit Against I-70 Flood Project (Denverite)
  • Jolon Clark Claims Parking Policy Is Wrong Tool to Address Transportation Needs (Profile)
  • City Cracks Down on Short Term Rentals Without Licenses (DenPo)

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  • Walter Crunch

    Jolon Clark’s argument can be boiled down to this: I don’t like the current system that removes requires car storage. So, I want a new undefined system sometime in the future that will remove the requirement for car storage.


    Other pearls: car storage makes our neighborhoods lovable. Micro apartments were never envisioned. Denver needs more roads

    What a serious tool of the 1950s.


Today’s Headlines

Hit-and-Run Killer Norlan Estrada-Reyes Is Looking for a Plea Deal (DenPo) Apparently Sentient SUV Rams Through Post Office (9News) Homeless Rights Suit Against City Gets Class Action Status (Denverite) Daily Camera Reader: Buses Won’t Cut It — We Need a Train Bond Money Deliberation Is the “Hunger Games” of Government (Denverite) Driverless Semis Are Coming, […]
One of Sacramento's poorest neighborhoods doesn't have enough crosswalks. It also has a high rate of jaywalking arrests. Image: KXTV

What Will It Take for Sacramento to Make Walking Safer in Poor Neighborhoods?

Police and city planners in Sacramento have come under scrutiny in the weeks since police were caught on tape assaulting Nandi Cain, Jr., a black man, during a jaywalking stop. Cain, who was legally using an unmarked crosswalk, has since filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. Now, reporters are looking into why there are so few marked crosswalks in one of Sacramento's poorest areas.

Today’s Headlines

Of Course GOP Lawmakers Will Push New Transpo Bill Focused on Highway Expansion (DBJ) …In the Meantime, Thank Sens. Tate, Neville, and Hill for Traffic (Sentinel) Following Lawsuit, RTD to Retrofit Light Rail Cars for Wheelchairs (DenPo) Note to NIMBYs: People Have to Live Somewhere (9News) Eight-Story Building in West Colfax Will Have 56 For-Sale […]