Today’s Headlines

  • RTD Calls Small Fare Protests During Massive A-Line Celebration “Inappropriate” (CBS4)
  • After Rush Hour, 9News Journalists Race to DIA Via Car, Train in Apparent Attempt to Prove Something
  • Will Driver Face Charges for Killing Woman Walking in Boulder Crosswalk? (Daily Camera)
  • Distracted Driving Is Dangerous (9News)
  • … So Colorado DOT Created Really Sassy Signs to Save Lives (CPR)
  • The Coloradoan Polls Readers to Get Opinions on Banning Life-Saving Traffic Cameras
  • The NY Times Makes a Fashionably Late Appearance to the A-Line Party
  • New Airport Train Means New Business (DBJ)
  • Could Recreational Biking App Strava Boost Biking for Transportation? (Articulate Discontent)

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  • rorojo

    As far as fares I was curious whether the workers at the airport are given subsidized fares. Like are they eligible for an Ecopass etc.

    • enguy

      I’ve seen airport employees with passes every time I’ve taken the Skyride bus, so that seems likely.

    • Arthur Hicks

      Some employees are given Ecopasses. The lower payed employees though usually arent.

  • Daniel

    “After Rush Hour, 9News Journalists Race to DIA Via Car, Train in Apparent Attempt to Prove Something”

    Well Top Gear does races like that all the time, and it’s entertaining. A segment like that is a great way to illustrate the different advantages and disadvantages of the myriad transit choices we have. And of course Streetsblog itself is constantly advocating that giving residents multiple choices in how they travel is a major key in reducing congestion. Stop acting dense.


Today’s Headlines

DPW Found Money to Widen Quebec Street, Which ABC7 Automatically Calls “Improvement” Fight Against CDOT’s I-70 Widening Far from Over (KGNU) DenPo Reader Scolds Paper for Accurate Reporting on Sketchy Texting and Driving Law Bike Lanes and Sidewalks Aren’t Loading Zones (ABC7) CDOT Contractor Wants to Raise I-25 and U.S. 36 Toll Rates (DBJ) National Western […]