Today’s Headlines

  • Transit-Oriented Development Is Years Away at Some A-Line Stations (DenPo)
  • …While Mayor Hancock Dreams About “Commercial Community” Around Airport (CPR)
  • A-Line Opening Weekend Draws 80,000 Riders (Fox31)
  • How Will the A-Line Affect Taxi and Parking Businesses? (CPR)
  • B-Cycle Adds Bike Stations to Union Station (CBS4)
  • Truck Driver Seriously Injures Woman Walking in Boulder Crosswalk (Daily Camera)
  • Transit Officers, Cameras Will Look for Fare Dodgers on A-Line (ABC7)
  • Confluence Looks at All the Art Along Denver Transit Lines
  • Former Mayor Federico Peña Looks Back at the A-Line’s Genesis (CPR)
  • Guy in Sheridan Keeps Trying and Failing to Get Electronic Traffic Enforcement Banned (DenPo)

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  • Daniel Costello

    I haven’t seen any news coverage of it, but there was about an hour between 1:20 and 2:20 PM on Saturday where trains were not arriving or departing from DIA. We had made it through the about 45 minute long line to get down to the platform, and then the trains stopped. The only information we received was an automated announcement that said that trains were “delayed” due to “signal issues”.

    • rorojo

      I heard one of the street crossing signals had issues. Nothing too exciting.


Today’s Headlines

Hit-and-Run Killer Norlan Estrada-Reyes Is Looking for a Plea Deal (DenPo) Apparently Sentient SUV Rams Through Post Office (9News) Homeless Rights Suit Against City Gets Class Action Status (Denverite) Daily Camera Reader: Buses Won’t Cut It — We Need a Train Bond Money Deliberation Is the “Hunger Games” of Government (Denverite) Driverless Semis Are Coming, […]
One of Sacramento's poorest neighborhoods doesn't have enough crosswalks. It also has a high rate of jaywalking arrests. Image: KXTV

What Will It Take for Sacramento to Make Walking Safer in Poor Neighborhoods?

Police and city planners in Sacramento have come under scrutiny in the weeks since police were caught on tape assaulting Nandi Cain, Jr., a black man, during a jaywalking stop. Cain, who was legally using an unmarked crosswalk, has since filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. Now, reporters are looking into why there are so few marked crosswalks in one of Sacramento's poorest areas.

Today’s Headlines

Of Course GOP Lawmakers Will Push New Transpo Bill Focused on Highway Expansion (DBJ) …In the Meantime, Thank Sens. Tate, Neville, and Hill for Traffic (Sentinel) Following Lawsuit, RTD to Retrofit Light Rail Cars for Wheelchairs (DenPo) Note to NIMBYs: People Have to Live Somewhere (9News) Eight-Story Building in West Colfax Will Have 56 For-Sale […]